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Animals Saved

Dog Is My CoPilot, Inc. (DIMC) has saved thousands of animals' lives. DIMC was created in 2012 by a doctor in Wyoming and a lawyer in Arizona. Peter Rork, MD and Judy Zimet, Esq. work with a supportive Board and dedicated volunteers to fly animals from areas of the United States where they are not wanted, to areas of the United States where they are in demand. There is no charge to the animal welfare organizations for whom DIMC flies...the planes fly on public donations alone. The organization is a 501c3 approved organization based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

DIMC decreases the number of animals killed in shelters and increases shelter adoption by flying groups of animals to areas where they are more adoptable. DIMC works with established nonprofit animal rescue organizations to coordinate flights. 

DIMC flies many animals on one flight. This keeps costs down and saves more cats and dogs. The routes cover the Rocky Mountain and Pacific regions with two airplanes: a Cessna 206 and a Cessna 208B. From 40 to 150 animal passengers fly on each flight. By flying animals out of areas where they are at risk of euthanasia due to overpopulation problems, not only do the animal passengers find a furever family, but DIMC creates more space in the shelters for animals who would have otherwise been euthanized.

DIMC facilitates transport from an airport closest to the point of origination to an airport closest to the destination through the use of general aircraft. These planes have the ability to fly into not only commercial airports, but also small local airstrips. Animals coming from or going to rural areas have a greater opportunity to reach a furever home because transport is made more convenient by the accessibility to local airstrips.

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